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Yo Yo bot future

Yo Yo bot future

New techniques, drugs will extend your life; will reduce time and costs, more effort will be needed to win over consumers to your side.

Industry will go underground to end pollution.

Computerized employee records always find their man, optical sciences will mean more information, fast!


Never say never, always be prepared, a promising solution.

City plans of erection will bring out the true nature of Urban Areas for crimes & crisis. An infostate future, food consumption decreasing world-wide, per capita—while…production increases.

It's all too true. The New World Order has a New Reich Odor, yo-yo wonders, socially engineered big government will get bigger, (vacuum of power creates unlimited growth). The Dictatorship of the powerful will wither away, scientifically, quick! Genetically engineered yo-yo bots will do boring tasks (buy socks), transistor, iron tape technologies will minimize our freedom, maximizing profits!

Offices of tomorrow tower miles above the metroplex. Engineers will also construct vast consumer palaces—from materials recycled out of diapers and Styrofoam™ sandwich containers.

New modes of thought will be carefully lab-tested, cultures grown, viruses killed. Yo-yo Obey the Norm… Say little lady! marvels await you, so keep us fellas busy—Buy American!

Collage art by Jeffree Benet