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Bush Trashes USA!

In his first act in office, the Monday after his inauguration, he rescinded all US funding for Planned Parenthood agencies in foreign countries, while Christians marched outside the White House, cheering him on...


George W. BushCurrently, he is shoving a bill down the throats of Congress which will criminalize violent acts on a pregnant woman, not on behalf of the woman, but on behalf of the fetus she carries. The intent of the bill, which should easily pass in the Republican held Congress and Senate, is to separate the fetus from the female as an individual identity. Although similar laws exist in 22 states, the bill will make these acts a federal offense, applying to all states immediately after passage.

This reverses the underlying premise of Roe v. Wade, which is built on the assumption that the fetus is not a separate individual, but an entity which the mother has the right to separate from herself. This is the same candidate who promised that he would stay clear of the abortion issue during the presidential campaign.


The frightening prospect is that such a law can easily be interpreted, once it's tested in the courts of Republican justices, as a foundation for reversing Roe v. Wade. If the rights of the unborn are further fortified through Republican appointed courts, it will only be a matter of time before all fetuses, no matter what their state of development, will be protected by federal law. Roe v. Wade becomes a dream of the past.

This one example of the Bush Method illustrates the ongoing contradictions his disinformation team is able to resolve in the minds of the American people. Another example is his claim to be the Education President during the campaign. His new tax-cut bill includes reductions in federal support for children and education further eroding support for both.

Less educated and nutrition-deprived children can only increase the population of the "criminal class," primarily blacks, who will, in turn, keep the prison- building industry running to the bank, delirious with joy at the opportunities presented to their extermination program.

Externally, his first foreign policy acts have all been geared to send a signal to America's designated enemies. He is clearly prepared to confront them militarily, not only for actual events, but for manufactured events (traditionally the best way to start a war), such as the Chinese incursion on an American spy plane, flying at a legal, but suspicious, distance from the Chinese mainland. How would Americans react if a Chinese plane was discovered flying 100 miles off the coast of Rhode Island?

With Taiwan's recent complaints that the US is not selling them enough fire power to defend themselves against the mainland, we can only assume that Taiwan has been told to complain beforehand, in order for the US to comply with their needs. Taiwan does not demand things from the US, unless given permission to do so. Tensions between North and South Korea will only intensify the atmosphere of impending confrontation in the region.

Less prominent, but just as deadly, is his refusal to cooperate with the international community, with regard to arsenic reductions in the water and other environmental issues, suggesting that his policies will support corporate profits at all costs, no matter what the rest of the planet thinks.

Who are these 56% of the American people who approve of this catastrophic trend in his pronouncements? What does this foreshadow for all of us? Indeed, this is a global presidency, which will impact every individual on the planet, before it's finished.

In 100 days, his policies and his disinformation team have rolled over the American people like Nazi tanks sweeping through Poland. The Democratic Party has been handed its genitals in a brown paper bag, with "Thanks, boys" printed on the outside of it.