The Original Think Magazine (Published since 1996)
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About Think Media

Think Magazine is an independent cultural showcase dedicated to young, hip and open-minded urban readers interested in film, music, drug culture, opinion, subcultures, art and politics.

With an emphasis on the unusual and irreverent, Think in it's 16 years has exressed itself as a print magazine in Prague, Singapore and Budapest as an irregularly published magazine, and even as a weekly television show on Prague's TV-3, and as a 2 hour music show on Radio Vox, a series of parties, and as a network of websites known as Think Media.

Think Magazine onlineBorn in a Žižkov flat in August 1996, Think is the brainchild of Californians Jeffree Benet and Keith Kirchner, who, bored with the formulaic franchise publications available in Prague, together shared a dream of publishing a free city magazine that would motivate, entertain, inform and inspire the young fashionable international community there.

Since then, the popular magazine has grown from a 25 page two-color first edition to over 130 issues in various sizes and languages. A free magazine, Think's are usually distributed in nightclubs, restaurants, cafes and shops, anywhere socially minded urban dwellers live their lives.


Launched in the year 2000 on TV-3 in the Czech Republic, the weekly broadcast of ThinkTV (Thursdays 22:45 & re-broadcast Fridays 23:45) focused on social issues, cultural trends in music and art, as well as shopping, dining, fashion, film and what's to be discovered in the dark corners of Prague. Sponsored by Beton, ThinkTV delivered a fast-moving, informative and entertaining half-hour show that moves to the beat of a fresh and progressive soundtrack, and the whole year of programming will eventually be digitised and hosted online in the year ahead.

An organic extension of Think Magazine's classic blend of humor, news and style, ThinkTV featured a variety of segments - from the IMF-World Bank riots, to the inside of Stalin's monument, to the latest in good books, and a cafe doughnut fight downtown. ThinkTV truly offers an original look at what' makes Prague such a unique city.

Think Online:
Many years of Think magazine archives were once handcoded in html on the original site Then a new international portal was created,, expanding Think's global readership and hubbing together several websites, each with it's own unique subject matter. They are;

The Witty Barman's Guide - cocktail recipes, bar reviews, scene reports and the lush life... - featuring cinematic DVD reviews, plus celebrity profiles and interviews. - Thinking About Style, fashion articles and thoughts

The Gashaus - Where the music lives... band interviews, profiles, and music reviews and tips. - Hip travel destinations, advice and tips for the wandering souls...

Lovers & Thinkers - Advice on relating and self development - Great articles on making the world a better place

ThinkExpats Prague - The Insider's Guide to Prague

ThinkExpats Singapore - The Global Citizen's Local

ThinkExpats Budapest - The newest site, featuring the lastest edition of Think - Now our Czech language site

Think plans to expand it's internet presence this year by making more Think content available with frequent updates. With the already interactive nature of Think Magazine, where often readers become writers,Think already shows great promise in becoming a popular web destination with the network averaging about 12,000 unique visitors a day.

If you wish to contact us, feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.