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Post conceptual psychology

The post-conceptual psyche wears the colours of the electric rainbow: ultra-violet, infra-red, alpha, beta, gamma, delta. Hums and buzzes to the music of the seven spheres...


Post conceptual psychologyNO to compartments/divisions/limits/the imaginary prisons of the fascist therapists and their dupes.

We KNOW the mind is free. We KNOW the spirit lives in breath and in action. And yes our knowledge is false but at least we make no pretense about it. You will never understand yourself and if you try to do so it is nothing but a trap and an illusion so SCREW YOUR THERAPIST and then you will both feel a lot better probably.

Ego id and superego are only Marvel Comics characters like Spiderman and his archetype cronies and the same goes for all the Jung and the alchemy and the Gestalt and the Skinner boxes and all the rest of it, for the reality is only your hunger and if they try and feed it with their LIES, then it is only so they can make more MONEY out of you so just say NO.

Tell them it's the duckling inside you that makes you flap your wings like that... that's right, the ugly ugly duckling inside you, or maybe it's the grizzly that makes you bare your soul: but if they try to put you in a group then it is only to make you conform, and if they try to get you alone it is only so they can isolate you and all they are doing to you is locking you in a hall of mirrors and throwing away the key.


So listen to your heart and its thump thump thump and its screaming "OPEN YOUR EYES" and if you think it will drive you mad, then it is perfectly understandable, because if you live in a madhouse full of LIES and more LIES then it is not surprising if you go mad yourself, for there is no escape except the escape of freedom.

There is no truth, there is no knowledge, you will never get these things however much you pay, and anyone who tries to sell these things to you is only trying to deceive you. There are ghosts and spirits all around you, and once we could see them, yes that's right, once we could talk to them and everything and now we can't so we should all weep because now we have all been driven so mad that we have lost contact and it is ALL THEIR FAULT.

It is the psychologists who need treatment and not us. Write letters to the authorities unmasking their imaginary crimes. Spike their drinks if you get the chance. The only reason they ever studied psychology in the first place was because they thought they could find out why they were so crazy themselves without anyone else finding out about it, so don't let them get away with it.

They all work for the CIA and the Secret Police and the Mafia and the World Bank even if they pretend to themselves they don't. So when they say they want you to stop believing you are being followed, don't listen to them because it is just a LIE you are being followed, that's the truth of the matter; every single minute of your life someone somewhere is following you, and if it drives you mad then there is nothing wrong with you and in fact you would have to be mad not to go mad under the circumstances.