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Zolton on Ice

zolton on iceWell OK then so now you won the hockey you think you back on form boys and girls back in the driving seat so to speak well I just can't understand it but in the rest of the world it never even made the papers which seem unaccountably more interested in the political collapse and moral failure and everything but it's a good thing the Olympics came along of course because they do provide a perfect focus for bogus feelings of international friendship and harmony just like the Good Old Days oh yes I remember in my own country of Slovonia well I could tell you some stories oh yes when we had Sfo rtic, for instance, who won a bronze in the pole vault, well we had big parades and posters of Lenin and the whole shebang and if you think oh no it's all just good clean fun these days boys and girls now that the US of A is in charge well let's just stand back here and take another look and OK then well OK now.


I'd say it's just another case of the MONEY monster sitting up and screaming at you and what's it screaming in case I forget oh yes that's right it's screaming f*ck OFF AND DIE YOU IDIOTS isn't it and in this particular case it demonstrates that the only use anyone has for nationalism these days is to sell more Coca-Cola which is so perfect as a symbol and of course as a product because what is it they sell you exactly boys and girls it's cocaine with the cocaine taken out is what it is and that's what all this TV sport thing is about too let's face it it's just life with the life taken out of it boys and girls and so let us all bow down and worship the hockey demi-gods who deserve to be on the money at least now and look forward to the day when this proud country too can have sports scholarships and a strategic nuclear arsenal of its own.

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