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Letters to the Editor, #53

think magazine

Letters to the Editor, Issue #53

Dear Think

Surely one day mankind is going to become so 'clever' that he, she, we, will discover the quantum theory of gravity and invent an explosive force so wild that it will make the A-Bomb look like an art fart!? The answer to the Big Bang or not? - Think Murphy, Prague, Europe, The World, Universe



The explosive force you seek does exist. It's called 'Human Stupidity,' the most destructive force ever developed in and out of a laboratory. I won't go into details here, but I've heard that the human race is headed towards extinction. "Oh, what a naysayer" many will moan, bit it' is a FACT that 99.989% of all organisms which ever lived are currently now extinct. See how stupid humans are? They think reality doesn't apply to them.

New Think

I am very glad to see a new English editor at THINK. I am very glad that THINK has changed its style & writing. I wish to give advice to the new editors of THINK: Please stop trying to be political. I feel that the political stuff is preachy and overbearing. The last thing we need is to be told how to live. I also found it immature and tacky to see articles that would make fun of other countries or the citizens of other countries.

Discrimination is wrong regardless if it is political or not. Please be careful of printing stuff by NGO's even if they are Czech. Often times NGO's are just scams to pocket money. NGO's may have nice messages but little is often done by them, with the staff pocketing much of the money. I also am glad to see that THINK has dropped the sadistic and vulgar humor. The world has enough problems as it is. We should not have to read a magazine to see additional cruelty and sadism.

I also hope that the writers "Micah Jayne" and "Milkmoney Jones" are no longer contributing articles. Those 2 people wrote depressing and vulgar articles. Milkmoney was especially vulgar because he would always be writing an article making fun of North Americans while glorifying Czech people. This is truly discriminatory and crude.

I also hope that there will be fewer drawings of people suffering or ironic/cynical images. We don't need to see that. If people want to look at such things, they can look at a Diesel ad instead or read some garbage like VICE magazine or THE FACE.

I like the new THINK MAgazine. Keep up the good work! I am very happy to see Justin Salem as the new English editor. Best wishes to Mr. Salem and all the NEW employees of THINK. - Sincerely, Amanda Potter < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >

Hi Amanda,

Think is what it is, it is what it was, and it is what it will be. That's Think. We're glad you've found something/one who tickles yer toes... And we only make fun of Canadians... because we're insecure in our own nationality. Cauky!