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It's the economy, stupid!


Someone working hard to buy a house and raise a family is less likely to turn to crime than someone sitting on the Board of Directors with no checks on corporate irresponsibility...

The importance of keeping your computer healthy

Everything now-a -days is run on computers. Our banking is done online via our computers, home security is controlled via our smartphones or tablets, and even our electronic devices (televisions, etc) can be controlled by a single tap of a mouse. Think about all these important passwords to all your different accounts that are saved on your computer. Take a moment and think about what is on your computer; All the files, photos, videos, games, apps, etc. all living on one little device. Now, what if all these above mentioned items suddenly vanished from your life? Devastating to think about, isn’t it? 

In today’s technology-driven age where we are more inclined to make a Facebook album than an actual album, we need to make sure those baby photos are safe and sound considering they most likely will only live on our hard drive than our coffee table. With sites like iolo offering full-service computer help - from repair to backups to basic computer tips and tricks - there really is no excuse as to why your computer should ever crash (aside from it dropping into a pool or being left outside in the summer. 

How can you tell if your computer is about to crash? Look for this simple ailments to make a proper diagnosis: 

Take this time to give your computer a once-over and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is it running at the same pace as when you purchased it? All computers will slow down, but only to a certain extent.
  2. Have you backed up recently? Whether it’s to an external hard drive or in the cloud, back that thing up!
  3. Is it time for a new system? It might be wise to upgrade your system now before it becomes too late.

We tend to forget about things like a computer crashing when we have to worry about mortgages and jobs, but it is something that tends to get overlooked when it shouldn’t.

Spreadsheets housing budgets, videos from your daughter’s birthday, and important life insurance paperwork could all suddenly disappear before you can say, “external hard drive.”

Tips for Filing Burn Injury Compensation Paperwork

Experiencing an accident involving a burn in your workplace can impact your finances and can require extended time for recuperation and recovery. These factors can affect how you pay your bills and the quality of life that you maintain during your rehabilitation. In order for the claim process to be handled properly and efficiently you should pay close attention to the details listed below. Every step that you take to provide accurate information to your solicitor can prevent delays in your compensation.


  1. Keeping accurate records of the accident itself along with any eye witness accounts of what happened can help you to make a valid and sound claim for the burn injury compensation that is due to you. Ask your solicitors what specific information you need and do your best to fulfil their requirements as thoroughly as possible. Verify all contact information before you share it with your legal team so that they can contact your witnesses when they are ready to take statements from them on your behalf.


  1. Filing compensation paperwork is a daunting task for which you should hire professional assistance. The team of solicitors that you partner with should have ample experience with burn injuries, be well-prepared to extrapolate a solid claim from the information that you provide, and meet all deadlines promptly. The experts at suggest that you work with a claims team that communicates effectively with you and one that will explain every step of the procedures to you in common language that is easy to understand.


  1. Ask about the legal fees before you contract any solicitor to file your compensation claim and have them give you an estimate of how long the claim process will take. You can then notify your creditors about when and how much you will be able to pay on your bills. It’s imperative that you keep all receipts and statements so that you will have evidence of how much you have paid out for your treatment and medical needs.


  1. Maintain copies of everything that you are given regarding your employer’s policies, the medical reports that you are provided, and estimates of how long you will be away from your job. Be sure that the solicitors include all charges and fees for your doctor’s visits as well as any salary that you don’t receive whilst absent from work. Keep all documentation in a safe place so that should questions arise from your solicitors you can quickly give them the information that they need to proceed.


  1. Your team of solicitors will be a valuable asset to have working with you as you file your claim. Ask them what you can do to help make their job easier and work with the team to thoroughly complete each form accurately. Follow their lead when it comes to writing descriptive statements that tell about your accident and the severity of the injury as it relates to your physical condition as well as your employment status.


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