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Health Benefits of Yoga

The health benefits of yoga are many and well-documented. Yoga is well-known to be an excellent way of maintaining fitness, flexibility, core strength, and is a way of de-stressing.

What to expect at a Yoga class

The atmosphere of a yoga class is calm, non-competitive and supportive. Your yoga teacher will guide you through simple poses, or asanas, letting you take things at your pace. It is important not to push too far and cause yourself injury.

You need only the simplest equipment: a yoga mat, some loose or stretchy clothing, and perhaps a blanket to keep you warm during the relaxation at the end of the session.

Yoga exercises or poses are enhanced by attention to your breathing: usually you will be instructed to inhale while going into a pose, exhale, then take another breath while holding the pose, exhale again and as you do so you try to move a little bit further into the stretch. This discipline of breathing is calming, and you will find that your confidence soon increases.

Health benefits of Yoga include

  • Flexibility

Flexibility and core strength are improved, and sufferers from back problems often find their pain is alleviated.

  • Digestion

Yoga poses are thought to help digestive problems: indigestion and constipation are both relieved by practising certain poses.

  • Lowering blood pressure

The meditative aspect of yoga is a proven way to lower high blood pressure. The heart beat is also slowed and strengthened.

  • Lymph system

Practising the yoga asanas enhances the lymphatic flow through the body, helping to clear away any toxins, for example, those that accumulate during cancer therapy.

  • Therapy for cancer patients

Insurance companies providing cancer cover often include yoga on the list of recommended therapies for patients who are recovering from a gruelling course of chemotherapy. The thing patients fighting cancer often find most difficult to cope with is the fatigue and debilitating discomfort caused by cancer treatments: both the scar-tissue caused by surgery and nausea caused by gruelling courses of chemotherapy can impact on their quality of life. Cancer patients may be anxious and find it difficult to get enough sleep: many patients say that their yoga classes, which are geared to meet their particular needs, are a life-saver.

As interest in a more holistic approach to healing grows, yoga for cancer patients is becoming a popular therapy. As well as the health benefits outlined above, the greatest advantage for many patients is the sense of unity, well-being and inner peace that yoga can bring. 


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Communicating across the continents

Our ability to communicate is what sets us apart from the animals (that, and opposable thumbs) and although we may speak different languages, all human civilisations have devised forms of verbal and written communication. Furthermore, we have the ability to learn to speak each other’s languages – and where our knowledge of language fails us, we have pictures, emoticons and symbols. Being able to communicate with people around the world is important for business, social progress, art and culture, as well as gathering news. That’s why, if you have a business, you need to make sure that your advertising material can ‘speak’ to those who do not speak you language.

Make the most of your logo designs – could you use symbols or pictures which clearly show the nature of your business to potential international clients? Any stationery or advertising material that gets sent out should also do this. As much of the design as possible should be universal – for example could you use the word ‘Gratis’ under the word ‘Free’ on your flyers? International and cross-cultural communication is vital for continued trade, and with the growing number of business start-ups, the chances are that you are going to want to look outside the UK for trade growth. explain that business cards can also be easily utilised for cross-cultural communication – a symbol, your name and a phone number with a country code tells a potential customer who you are, what you do, and where you do it.


Remember that customs differ greatly from country to country – do your research so that you don’t unintentionally include offensive material in one of your press packages.


In Tibet, it’s normal to stick out your tongue in order to greet guests (just remember to stop doing it when you get back to the office) and in Tuvalu, Polynesia, it is customary to sniff one another’s cheeks.

Business cards are still one of the best tools for getting your details out there. At Instantprint you can design and print top quality business cards online. The site can also help you to make your business card suitable for international use – i.e. stripping down text and replacing it with symbols, and creating a design which is universally appealing and sums up the nature of your business.

Revising the design of your business card is advisable every few years in any case. You and your business will have grown substantially over a five year period, and your business card should reflect this change. Instantprint print orders in one working day, and offer 24/7 support, so they can help you out, no matter what your schedule.



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