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Go long, Junior SeauGo long, Junior Seau

Few things grab us back to reality like the passing of someone whose path we've crossed in the riv [ ... ]

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Go long, Junior Seau

Junior Seau, RIP

Few things grab us back to reality like the passing of someone whose path we've crossed in the river to time, and that's the passing of someone which society has deemed a hero...


Just two years younger than I, we met at a junction of time when we were both setting out in our careers, mine in advertising and media, (via a start in photography), and his with the amazing skills he displayed oon the field as he helped make the San Diego Chargers great again.

At the time, with a small studio downtown, I was honing my craft and discovering my photographic vision, and an advertisement in the local free rags got us some interesting jobs, photographing menus, parts catalogs, model's first portfolios, event coverage, portraits, you named it, me and MJ Slattery shot it...

One such assignment was to capture for the records Junior Shea's signing of something or other... I didn't know who he was at the time, but the guy in the Rick Ashley suit told me it was an endorsement deal with some financial aspects and that this guy was gonna be the next big name in professional football. (The name on the computer behind him, not a staged shot by the way, but some one-on-one shots while we waited for the sponsors, reads 'Lavezzi Retirement Plan').

Over the years, with a career that has taken me around the world, I always paid attention to this kindly gent I met so long ago, and felt good that he was fulfilling his destiny, becoming in the words of Charger's President Dean Spanos "... the heart and soul of our team..." and now it appears that that destiny has come to an end.

I got to spend some time with him alone and he seemed at the time like he had it all before him, and with the sad news that he's now gone on, via a method of his own choosing, one has to wonder what could be so bad that such a great, gentle, giant of a guy, a true sportsman, would take the final bow and exit the field forever...

Whatever has driven you to that end Mr. Seau, know that you will be missed and your legacy, your ability to reflect respect back to your admirers and to make football exciting again, will not be tarnished by your passing, and will shine on for some time to come...

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