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A day at the races: The Cheltenham Gold Cup 2014

There are very few horse racing spectacles as good as the Cheltenham Festival that is held each year. Next year, 2014, the festival will be held in March and it is certain to be another overwhelming success. If you haven't been to a horse racing festival yet then you should get down to Cheltenham next year. The festival lasts for four days, there is fantastic atmosphere, the anticipation and the action is second to none. The thrill and excitement of the crowd as the horses roar towards the finishing line is something that you have to experience to understand just how special it is. 

At the festival, the best horses, jockeys and trainers will be on show. Victory at the festival means that you will forever go down in history and it will also give them boasting rights over their fiercest competitors. The festival brings together people from all over the world and from all different walks, everyone comes together to experience the drama, the enjoyment and the awesome sporting spectacle that the festival serves up.


There are four days at the festival; Champion Day, Ladies Day, St Patrick's Thursday and Cheltenham Gold Cup Day. Champion day gets one of the biggest cheers of the festival, this is because it ends the twelve month wait for the festival to start, when the tape lists on the opening race you can hear the stands rumble with excitement. Ladies day, this is one of the most fashionable days at the festival, Ladies Day gives everyone the opportunity to put on their best gear, especially hats, and have fun - there are even fashion awards on offer for the best dressed. St Patrick's Thursday, the Irish flavour comes to town on a fun filled day with lots going on. The racing doesn't stop for the part because on the Thursday two of the biggest races will be held. Cheltenham Gold Cup Day, this is what people have been waiting for, this is the daddy of all races! It is the highlight of the racing calendar, to see how much it means to everyone, well, just wait till you hear the roars of the crowd!


Choosing somewhere to lay your head is important, you should always book early in order to avoid any disappointment. If you want a great valued, comfortable stay then take a look at the Swindon Holiday Inn, you'll have a great stay there!

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Creating a rugby club team spirit

Sports sides are always looking to develop a good team spirit in order to be successful. If they are all pulling in one direction and not afraid to work for each other, there is a better chance of them winning games and being able to compete at any level than if they are a disgruntled group.

This is especially true of rugby union, where there are 15 players on the pitch for each side and a further seven substitutes. Throw in those out injured, reserves and youth players, and it quickly becomes clear just how difficult it is to make sure every player is singing off the same sheet.

Not only will there be competition for places, but various cliques are likely to develop along friendship lines. This means fostering a strong team spirit is essential if rugby clubs are going to make any headway in their league and there are a number of options open to clubs to help spur them on.


Whether it is an amateur or professional organisation, good training sessions will be the bedrock of the success of rugby clubs. Out on the training field is where players find out what is expected of them on games days, while various drills can help to boost fitness. If you're looking to bring a degree of professionalism to the squad, why not buy a set of team training tops? This means all the players will be decked out in the same apparel and this should help to develop a collective sense of responsibility. Two sets could even be purchased if a practice game is played at the end of sessions.

Supporter merchandise

All teams can benefit from good support, especially if a game is coming down to the closing minutes. This is why rugby clubs should make sure promotional merchandise is available for sale. Offering fans the chance to deck themselves out in branded hoodies - such as those available here - brings a bit of colour to proceedings and helps supporters get involved.


Team bonding sessions don't have to take place on the training field though, as days away that see people taking part in activities such as go-karting and paintballing can also help to foster team spirit. Activities that encourage team members to work together - and take them out of their comfort zone - are great for building unity. Introducing an element of competition - such as creating a number of small teams - should give all participants the incentive to try their best.

Support a charitable cause or drive

Getting a team united in support of a particular drive - such as giving blood - can be a really effective way of boosting team spirit. To make it a bit more club orientated, the team could even wear their logoed training tops while they are taking part. This makes it easy for other people in the community to see that the side is supporting the initiative.



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