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All Power to the North

the north

The Earth becomes a city street, Electricity competes with the sun, Virtual reality replaces the fairy tale...


severThe Russian group 'North', which unites a group of artistic, graphic design, theatrical, musical and film projects, is forming a new movement in contemporary Russian art called "New Archaic Performance. " The group's urban ritual is based on the myth of the yearly movement of the sun towards the North.

The performance in Prague, the mystical center of Europe, will be in April, the season of ecstacy, which reaches its peak in the holiday of Easter. Painted pole of the world's axis. Shoes made of glass and wood with burning candles.

Candles also on the intricate hat, stylized as a pagan's tiara. Multi-layered costumes with runic symbols. The absolute aesthetics of bared Aryan bodies. Shaman singing, interrupted by ritual songs of Siberian Raskolniks.

russian group the northA concentrated, dazzlingly beautiful woman's profile, standing still over the magic ears of wheat. ambient music interrupted by the cries of infants. A swastika-like round dance and strict symbolism of coloured ribbons.

The group "The North" has been moving further deep into the essence of archaic performance finding beyond the border of nihilism the contours of the new sacrament, being at the same time the ancient, archaic, primordial. Gradually the search in the genre of performance, crystallization of the deepest creative interests in their own style have resulted in "The North" - a group that could be called an ancestor of the entire trend in Russian art.

Relatively it could be determined as "Eurasian performance" or "neo-archaic performance". Everything that Katka Ryzhikova and Sasha Lougin and their group do, is full of ritual meaning, is saturated with the real presence of the dimension, that lays on the other side of time. This magic space can equally influence people of ancient archaic Eurasia and citizens of the modern industrial city. It is not a stylization, not a chimera, not a nature of a human, not exterminated despite all tricks of culture of profanation.


The group "The North" is the utmost modern. In its perfor-mance it uses the elements of avant-garde moda, music arrangements in "techno", "body-art", "post-modern ballet", expressive, pictures, signs, and scenery. While partly spontaneous, it's partly done deliberately, so Ryzhikova and Lougin restore to life the Eurasian solar myth.

In its center - the tall and slim White Queen, the primordial priestess of the real Aryan cult. She comes from the flooded Azitland known from saga "Ura-Linda", from the the Hyperborean kingdom Materei.

the russian performance art group 'the north'Her body is a revelation, a hieroglyph of the ancient knowledge, the map of outer space made of white magic flesh. Her companion - a husband, son, lover, priest of her worship - is a Warrior and a Magician.

Together they weave the light linen of sacred space and time, creating the center in the point, where their slender as a web but connected with the basis action takes place. They conjure water and fire, pray to earth and air, bind together tree and rye. They combine flesh and spirit, physical and intuitive, dream and awakening. Lost in time the primordial couple - he and she. In the beams of the infinite North.

Even their faces are archetypal. Their gestures hypnotize. In their performance revive the lands and Empires from the other side of the history.