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1 Million Shots

The photography of Pierluigi di Todaro

Pierluigi di TodaroSince 1992 Pierluigi di Todaro (Sardinia) has worked as a reporter covering many aspects of life in all fields as a journalistic freelance photographer. During this time di Todaro has built a vast archive of photos ranging from politics and sports, to fashion and rock concerts.

I discovered the depth of talent of this Italian lensman at his retrospective show; 1 Million Shots, which celebrated di Todaro's first million photos. The show, well attended and with a certain buzz from the town's art insiders was held at the music pub Amsterdam Praha (Jezkova 10 - Praha 3 - Zizkov).

After the show came down at The Amsterdam, the exhibition then travelled across town relocating to other venues for a one-week stay at Gulu Gulu and the Terminal Bar; ending with a final exhibition at U Buldoka where it will also remain for one week. Each stop was a mini-party of sorts, Piero's fans flocked to each and every show.

Four weeks - four different places, di Todaro's retrospective show was the vanguard of a new Prague artistic group called Circle@rt. This arts organization aims to lead the way in encouraging local artists to exhibit their work around Prague.

Pierluigi di TodaroCircle@rt is actively searching for artists to show their work in a multitude of venues around Prague. All artists are welcome.

Circle@rt. praha is producing the event in hopes of promoting artists living and working in the Czech Republic, by assisting them in exhibiting their works around Prague and the Czech Republic.

Most enjoyable in this exhibition was a high fashion editorial shot amidst the ruins of Bosnia, as well as the great shots of James Brown, Lenny Kravitz, B.B. King, Bill Clinton, Vaclav Havel, the Pope and Madonna. I heard from the organisers that other exhibitions will follow 1 Million Shots at the same places during the weeks following di Todaro's show.

Pierluigi di Todaro was also one of the organizers of the People's Bus; which brought artists and interested people on two trips to Sarajevo and Bosnia where they performed, exhibited their artwork and had a generally nice time. He currently is living back in his native Sardinia where he continues to pursue his love of the perfect image...

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