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Bush, the Fraud

That 'what me worry' thing?? That bloody smirk on his face, that 'where's Waldo'??


george bush was a fraudThat thing he does with his eyebrows, and that little touch on the shoulder thing he does to people who don't have any respect for him; drives me f*ckin' nuts.

The predictable people around him, or the frontal assault on other countries exchange of reproductive information with family planning groups in the states', where at this time, at least, these organizations are still legal, show just how gullible we all can be sometimes.

Like a great shadow cast upon us, a sun in reverse.

But if that is so, then let us cast an outline of light upon the earth we walk upon, and pay him, or it, no mind at this time. This is the time to bask in comfort of knowing what is going on, and the time to give up the morbid fascination of following it. Just wait to rise up with great vengeance and furious anger when the time comes and squash it.


Speaking of squash, what an atrocious game, the American version of Raquetball rules over that crap. Squash is for Buddhists and other short spiritual peoples, and if that's nationalistic I reckon I oughta have another Bulleta (Deutch fur Hamburger) with French fries. What is with Americans and their silly questions? I heard a guy the other day ask a bartender if he liked his job, and I used to have people ask me if I am having a bad day when I was just innocently waiting for the next customer to come up to my counter.

'No I'm f*ckin' pissed off at everything, today is nothing special' I'd retort.

Looking back fondly at those halcyon days of opposition to everything, the B and R years with Q and those hairdos, and MTVampires etc., I know I never want to repeat them again. It's time to fill in all that anti-space with substance, with passion, and place those shiny diamonds of hate into the cartridge of your mental turntable and drop, smack down, into the groove.

Somebody once told me that Ecstasy was just like cocaine (is that capitalised??) without that 'hanging out with the assholes' type of feeling. I figured it was cheaper to find a bunch of assholes with which to hang out with first, and then give them a bunch of E to see what happens.

Absolutely no surprises at the time, but eventually all went out in pursuit of true love. I apologize to all of them for getting them involved with my experiments. I wish that they will all find true codependent bliss with the drug habit of their choice before they find what they think they're looking for.