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Another great trip to Cornwall at Perran Springs Holiday Park

Me and my family, especially my 2 boys, really enjoying sea fishing and surfing so it’s no wonder that every year we go to Cornwall for our annual holiday. Living in the city it’s a breath of fresh air to pack our bags jump on the train and head of down to the Cornwall in the south west of England (although if you ask a Cornish man he will tell you “I’m Cornish not English”) I mean what’s not to like, nice golden beaches which are great for fishing and even greater for surfing, nice rolling country side and of course the world famous Cornish pasties, which are to die for, I often go home a couple of pounds heavier. 

We like to change my destination every year and with Cornwall surrounded by the ocean your spoilt for choice of where to stay with never been more than 20 minuets from the beach Newquay’s Fistral beach being one of my favourites, it has a great surfing scene, some great café’s and restaurants and a real good night life. Then there’s Truro Cornwall’s only city, the lovely harbour town of Falmouth and the nice fishing towns of Penzance and Newlyn. All of which me and my family have visited in the past.

This year we decided on Perranporth a small seaside town on the north coast, we visited Perranporth for a day out last year as we were staying in Newquay which is only 5 or 6 miles down the road and instantly fell in love with the place and so therefore decided this would be our destination for this year. With its quaint little town and huge golden beach, in fact the beach is so huge it almost felt like we had the whole place to our self’s and of course great surf . The boys even enjoyed doing a spot of snorkelling as well as running round the big sand dunes.  As a family (and a dog) we really enjoy staying at campsites when your staying in a place as beautiful as Cornwall being cooked up in a hotel is not our thing, we like the freedom of been out in nature and smelling the ocean breeze in the morning. We stayed at a lovely little campsite called Perran Springs holiday park, near Perranporth, in Goonhavern only 2 mile’s away from Perranporth beach and I must say one of the nicest campsite’s we have stayed in Cornwall thus far.

We opted for the super euro tent and were not disappointed it; came equipped with gas stove’s, a fridge and even a microwave, it was also very spacious inside accommodating the four of us with no problems the boys even had there own rooms. The staff where super friendly and welcoming, the shower/ toilet block was well maintained and clean with hot showers which was great after a long day at the beach. There is a lot to do at the park as well with 4 fishing lake’s, nature trails and lot’s of activity’s for the kids, we wasn’t bored once. All in all we were very impressed and would definitely stay here again and would even recommend this place to anyone visiting Cornwall.  So another week in Cornwall has gone by for this year and we can’t wait to start planning our next trip next year so thank you Perranporth and Perran Springs holiday park for another great holiday.

Here’s the address:

Perran Springs Holiday Park





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Data on Online Spending in the UK Released by Money Saving Website, a UK based money saving website, has released information on spending habits of online shoppers. The research reveals a huge surge and growth in the online market, showing people spend around £1,031 per year. Additionally, it revealed that while men and women have different preferences in terms of what to shop for, they do exhibit the same type of behaviour.

A UK based money saving website, has performed a piece of research on how the general public in the UK spends their money online. The research looked at the value of the current online market, as well as the growth and potential it presented. Additionally, it looked at how people behave and change their behaviour when they do shop online.

The research revealed various key pieces of information. This includes the fact that many people shop online because they do not have the time to shop elsewhere, but also because they simply dislike shopping. Secondly, using the internet is seen as a way to save money through voucher codes and online deals, something that came as welcome news to, who are one of the UK’s biggest online discount websites.


Some very interesting results were revealed in this study, including:

  • 55% of all people online will first compare the market and look at what products are, again using the internet, before they shop. Indeed, even if they were to shop in store, they would first look online. To do this, they mainly look for online reviews, although more and more now also search specifically for discount codes and online vouchers.

  • Online shopping is highly convenient and therefore mainly used by small families. Additionally, it was found that women shopped more online than men. The results were different however, for portable electronics, home electronics and online gaming, which is a market dominated by male consumers.

  • Online shopping has grown by around 17.6% per year. At present, it is valued at around £58.6 billion. Ofcom, the nation’s communications regulator, corroborated this by estimated every person spent £1,031 online per year.

  • Around 66% of consumers buy online once a month, or once every other month. The vast majority of online shoppers are aged between 25 and 44 and many are families with young children.

  • A huge surge is seen in online shopping over the Christmas period. Indeed, even 20% of people who say they rarely to never shop online will turn to the internet over the festive season.

  • 27% of consumers say they hate shopping and therefore have welcomed the internet into their lifestyles. Of these, 77% say that they also believe they can save money by shopping online. Most of these people have children. Interestingly, while men are notorious for their hatred of shopping, the male to female ratio in the 27% was almost 50/50.

“We can clearly see that people lead busy lifestyles nowadays”, says a spokesperson “People choose to go online because they have to juggle jobs and families and simply do not have the time to go out on regular shopping trips anymore. We also see that people believe the internet to be a place to find information on products they are interested in, allowing them to avoid pushy salesmen, and they use it because there are many online vouchers and discounts available online as well.”

“We were particularly interested in seeing the difference between men and women, but it seems that they are motivated by very similar factors. While men are more represented in certain categories of shopping, women are more represented in others. What matters is that they both compare the market and try to find discounts online.”

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