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Most beautiful places to visit by bike

Summer is finally here and with it, a bout of great weather! As the British weather can be temperamental at the best of times, we should take full advantage of the days when the sun does shine, and this means getting out on our bikes to visit places like this:



If you’re planning on embarking on a cycling trip to a place you have never before encountered, it’s important to learn a little about the area beforehand. Tuscany is a beautiful place to visit by bike but it’s also extremely hilly.

If you’re an amateur cyclist or you’re a little on the unfit side, this may not be the best place to acquaint yourself with the art of travelling by two wheels. However, if you’re in training for an up and coming bike tour then it’s the perfect biking expedition.



The island of Tasmania in Australia is said to be one of the best places to embark on a cycling holiday. The roads are smooth, the traffic is on the low side and the views are incredible.

There are also a number of free campsites to consider which make it an ideal option for those who enjoy the great outdoors. 

The Dolomites in Italy

One of the preferred mountain ranges when it comes to biking, the Dolomites in Italy are particularly stunning. Aside from being able to fuel your riding abilities with scoops of gelato and shots of espresso, the 2,000+ meter peaks are in abundance, which means you can spend every day exploring a new road.

There’s even an annual road bicycle race undertaken on a single day in the region and known as the Maratona dles Dolomites (Dolomites Marathon).


Not an obvious choice, yet still a stunning one none the less. Zagora to Tafraoute in Morocco boasts towering sand dunes of some 300 metres high. Although there are a few challenging climbs to contend with, the surrounding scenery makes them all worthwhile.

Practical advice for cyclists of all ages 

No matter what your age, cycling can be a beneficial activity. Whether you’re just on your way to check out homes for sale in your area or are teaching young children to ride a bike, it’s important you always follow practical advice to maintain your safety.

  • Always wear the correct safety equipment when cycling
  • Never cycle a route which may be too difficult for you
  • Ensure friends and family know where you are if going out for a ride and take a mobile phone with you in case you need to contact somewhere in an emergency
  • Take regular breaks as necessary
  • Keep hydrated by taking a bottle of fresh water with you
  • Use sun-cream when cycling in hot conditions and ensure you wear suitable clothing and take regular rests in the shade
  • Know the rules of the road and ensure you abide by them, pulling over where possible to let traffic pass you if a queue is forming


All image credits to Wikimedia 

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Easy Sports Betting on Ipad's App

Nothing sweetens a game like betting. Most people hear of betting and they think it is a gamble that wastes money. Well, they are wrong. Betting brightens up a game. The fact that supporters of a given team have faith in their team so much, so that they bet on it gives them the desire to keenly watch the game. This way, they can know what made them win or lose money. It gives them a chance to bond with old friends, meet new people and share a couple of laughs. It also helps them show loyalty to their favorite teams and players.Sports betting ipad app is an app that allows sports fans to bet on their favorite games online. It makes it easy to bet on games because one does not have to go all the way to the game venue in order to watch and bet. Neither do you have to assemble at a friend?s house to watch the game from his TV then bet on the game. You can watch the game from wherever and bet online. Depending on your luck, you will still win or lose you money just like in the traditional way of betting. In addition to this, betting using the sports betting ipad app is much more secure than the traditional method. The fact that you do not have to carry actual money around to a bet makes it safer for you. This means that you can go to a game, watch and bet on it without fear of being robbed or pick pocketed.


Sports betting ipad app is easy to use and download. The app is made in a manner that it is easy to understand and use. The app shows you the games that are being played, the time and the venue. This is an added advantage since you have the schedule and the opportunity to bet from wherever they are. In addition, the mode of payment of is very simple. It uses the card you have; master card, visa, credit cards. Debit cards and PayPal. It is efficient and convenient. If you use the app with your friends, you do not have to converge in the same place to bet. You can watch the game at different places and bet on the same site. You will still have as much fun as you would have when you were at the same solace.

Download a sports betting ipad app to your phone. Make your games more interesting.

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