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Women Gamers Dominate Social Games

The rise of mobile phones over the past decade has changed the outlook on video games and those who plays them considerably. Where previously, games such as Final Fantasy, Street Fighter and Call of Duty dominated the market and were considered to be very male centric, the rise of mobile phone games, and free-to-play business models has lead to a huge upswing in female gamers.


Research and Markets has conducted a study into mobile devices which demonstrates that the social gaming sector is set to reach $17.4billion by the year 2019, an enormous growth upon its valuation of $5.4billion in 2012. This is, in part, down to some games integration on social media, with games like Candy Crush Saga being heavily integrated into Facebook. It is also down to the accessibility of games, with them being freely available on many different platforms.

As well as this, it is important to note that the amount of women who play social casino games has risen 22% in 2013. A survey by International Game Technology also showed that over a third of players on social casino games are women. IGT’s vice president said:

“Poker is traditionally thought of as a male-dominated game, but our data proves that female poker players are on the rise in social casino.”

The IGT survey also revealed that women spend an equal amount of time per week playing online, free-to-play poker games as men.

David Williams, Head of Consumer PR at Ladbrokes Casino highlighted that, “The rate at which social gaming is growing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting developments on our landscape. The history books are littered with concepts that have withered quickly on the vine but there's no doubt in our minds that this is an area set to explode. Being in the right place at the right time to influence consumer behaviour and offer discerning customers precisely what they want - and more - will be key to leveraging the cash benefits of social gaming for big firms." 

In the United States, the 10 top grossing mobile games account for 25% of revenue for iPhones, 36% of revenue for iPads and on Google Play, 27%. Four of the top ten games on the iPad are social casino and bingo games published by organisations such as DoubleDown, GSN and Big Fish.

A study from Harris Interactive and Amazon discovered that women are the driving force behind free-to-play games, with 84% of women preferring them, and 27% being willing to actually pay for a game. It means that as games designers come to release a game, they are more likely to market a free-to-play game towards women, and are more likely to make a game aimed at women, free-to-play.


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The Life of Luxury: The World’s Top Beachside Resorts

Paradise. Isn’t it just wonderful? Looking out onto a bay, the waves gently washing in, the sun beating  down, kissing your skin as you take another sip of your refreshingly beautiful Pina Colada. Paradise really is wonderful and it can be found all over the world. We’re lucky enough nowadays that some of the most luxurious hotels are just a few hours away; from the middle of the South Pacific to the East Coast of America, you’re never far from an unforgettable holiday.

Here, we take a look at five of our favourite beachside locations:

Four Seasons Resort Maui, Hawaii


If your idea of a break is simply kicking back on a beach, then the island of Maui is certainly for you. The Four Seasons Resort in the town of Wailea is in one of the most beautiful locations in Hawaii, with the resort itself matching that, pound-for-pound.

Rooms boast unrivalled views of the island’s diverse landscape, and the golf course (hole 8 in particular) may just be the prettiest on the planet.

Atlantis Resort and Casino, Bahamas


If a holiday in the Bahamas wasn’t enough, Atlantis has pretty much everything. The world renowned resort’s fantastic location overlooks the Caribbean Sea which you could be content with just lying and watching all day – that’s if Atlantis didn’t have so much more.

The hotel was featured in 2006’s James Bond outing, so as you can imagine it has one of the finest casinos in the west. You can don your tux and follow in the footsteps of 007 by competing in a poker tournament, or if you think you can pull off Daniel Craig’s look in his infamous trunks, then head over to the water park where you can swim with dolphins, discover the marine habitat, and even go face to face with sharks in the Mayan Temple Shark Lagoon.

Ocean House, Rhode Island


A large Victorian hotel has stood at Watch Hill Point since 1868, and you can’t help but marvel at the stunning work that’s been put into it. It was demolished and rebuilt in 2005 and is continually ranked in the top five beach hotels by travel magazines.

With its sweeping balconies and relaxing activities such as golf, yachting, and tennis, Ocean House is the location for an ideal vacation.  The guestrooms have been kept beautifully with the period, yet still have all the modern features you’d expect from a luxury resort.

The St Regis Resort, Bora Bora


Smack bang in the heart of the South Pacific is Bora Bora, and you won’t find a more idyllic location on the planet. This haven of peace and tranquillity is well known throughout the world, with the overwater villas instantly recognisable as the St Regis Resort.

Off the water and onto the island, your experience will continue to be unique with fantastic restaurants fusing worldwide foods with authentic Polynesian cuisine, whilst the spa will only make you fall in love with the St Regis even more.

Montage Laguna Beach, California


Across the other side of the U.S. from Ocean House, Montage Laguna Beach in California is only a stone’s throw away from Disney World, and not much further to downtown LA – not that you’d notice.

A perfect location for days spent enjoying the quiet life before hitting the busy streets of Los Angeles, the hotel has elegant and spacious suites, whilst you’ll be hard pushed to find a better beach on the west coast than the private bay it backs onto. Dining in the hotel has all the glamour you’d expect with Hollywood just an hour up the road, with an award-winning team of chefs cooking up a mouth-watering menu of seafood dishes.

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