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Camping out at UFO Hot Spots in Sydney

A camping trip through Sydney is an exciting prospect in itself. With so many amazing places to st [ ... ]

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The 9-11 Conspiracy in an undisputable nutshell

The sad part is, people simply do NOT want to believe that the whole thing stinks like a cabbie pull [ ... ]

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Will Robots Take Over the World?

This is the decades-old question which is being asked increasingly as robotics becomes ever mor [ ... ]

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Trip to DreamlandTrip to Dreamland

Area 51, that is. You know - that secret air base in the Nevada desert that the government claims  [ ... ]

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Alexander Zaitchik

alexander zaitchik(1999 - 2001, The Greatest Editor We Ever Had.)

Alexander Zaitchik was editor and senior staff writer at Think (Prague) between 1999 and 2001. He first crossed paths with the magazine by publishing a brutal 4,000-word take-down of its editors in the short-lived Globe Coffeehouse zine, Unpronounceable Symbol.

Within a year, Alex was writing features for Think, a weekly column ("Notes from Prague Six"), and most of its book and film reviews. He also conceived and wrote the magazine's wildly popular satirical pull-out, The New Prognosis.

His final article for the magazine, appearing in its 50th issue, was *Let the Kazoos Sound: A Decade of English Press in Prague*.

After leaving Think, Alex founded and edited a bi-weekly alternative newspaper, The Prague Pill. He went on to edit the New York Press, then to Moscow, and is currently based on Earth. The last we heard from him, he was still wearing his Think t-shirt.

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