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You're Soaking in it!
Conspiracies from the pages of Think Magazine


Conspiracy theory is a term that originally was a neutral descriptor for any conspiracy claim... the disinformation claims have smeared it into a dirty word. Don't look over there and pay no mind to the man behind the curtain....

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The thing on everybody's Christmas list this year: The Hoverboard

Now that Back to the Future day has officially come and gone we are all still left with one question, "where is my hoverboard". Well, this Christmas that question will be officially answered. The rise of this technology has seen the self balance electric hoverboard be banned from the streets of the UK, but whether that ban will be upheld, with the popularity and prevalence of the item, is yet to be seen.

The hoverboard has been on every child's wishlist for years and Christmas 2015 is the year that Santa can finally deliver. They are the latest technology must have, with celebrities like Jamie Foxx, Lily Allen and famously Wiz Khalfia all been seen riding the stylish inventions over the past few months. Pictures of these celebrities, endorsing, riding and most importantly enjoying using the devices has served to raise the profile of this mode of transport hugely.

The recent ban has also just raised public awareness and the profile of hoverboards, to such an extent that within days of the ban coming into force a glut of petitions have been set up to get the government to overturn the ban already. The popularity of the devices and their cost will be sure to add pressure on the Government to overturn the ban and let the streets be open to this mode of transport. 

From a practical standpoint they are easy to use, and have a good battery life for people who would wish to use them for work. People just have to worry about keeping a good charge in their boards and not worry about safety gear, where to park or learning how to use the devices, which can be learned in minutes. 

As the holiday season begins demand and sales of the product are only going to increase, as it so often does with the Christmas must have gift. So if you are looking to pick up one of these exclusive gifts do so early to avoid disappointment. Apple have shown that the word loves luxury pieces of technology and the hoverboard is it for 2015. On Christmas morning I know I want to be waking up to.

Gi2C China Review: Why should I intern in China after graduation?

As a recent college graduate, you may be feeling many conflicting emotions such as relief, excitement, happiness, fear, anxiety, and pressure. It feels great to finally be done with school after about 16+ years, but you now have to find your lifelong career and start being an adult. Yikes!



Luckily, you are still young and have plenty of time to figure out what kind career best suits you making now the perfect time to travel. In fact, it might be the only time in your life you have the time and desire to travel. The longer you put it off, the more responsibilities you acquire making it almost impossible to find the time or money to spend a significant amount of time traveling.


An international internship abroad is the perfect choice for a recent grad for two reasons. One, you will living and traveling in a new country and meeting tons of new people which will expand your network. Second, you will gain some work experience to put on your CV and learn about your work style, habits, likes and dislikes.


International work experience looks great on your CV because you learn how to empathize with different types of people. You will be thrown into a work environment which different cultural norms than you are used to and you have to work with all kinds of people. This hands-on diversity training is essential for succeeding in today’s business world and will help you not only relate and manage people better but also teach you to look at the world from new perspectives.



Interns come to China because it has the greatest amount of opportunities. From what we have seen since starting Gi2C in 2008, the Chinese economy is strong, the government is supporting business growth, and domestic companies are striving to innovate. China is changing and moving up the food chain so to speak. While there may be some growing pains, China’s greatest strength has always been its ability to adapt and persevere. The resilience of the Chinese people is well known and they will continue to build China into a developed and advanced country.


After interning in China, most of our Gi2C interns say they not only had a great time and made lots of new friends, but they learned some important things about themselves. If you’re caught in a sticky place of wondering what to do next and what career field to choose, take some time off to travel and see the world and learn more about yourself with an internship in China.



This China Review is brought to you by Gi2C Group. Gi2C has been an internship provider in China since 2008 and has become a leader in the internship industry. Gi2C provides tailor-made opportunities for interns to work for a variety companies in multiple industries based in China.