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The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin

"The Bible Code" by Michael Drosnin is a fascinating book, maybe too fascinating. It claims there is a code in the Old Testament (original Hebrew version) that recorded world events thousands of years before they even happened.

'The Bible Code' by Michael DrosninThis code has been verified by well-known scientist and mathematicians, although there is much controversy surrounding these claims. Michael Drosnin, an investigative reporter, first heard of the bible code in 1992. He met in Israel with Eli Rips, the mathematician, who broke the code, (work that Isaac Newton had attempted and came up empty handed).

Since then Drosnin has done work on the code himself. He found the assassination of Yitzak Rabin, one year before it happened. He warned Rabin personally. Rabin, a fatalist, ignored the warning and on Nov. 4th, 1995 he was assassinated in Tel Aviv.

Since then the bible code has shown many events that happened throughout history. The code was first discovered 50 years ago by Rabbi H. M. D. Weissmandel of Prague, which was based on skipping sequences of Hebrew letters of the Old Testament. Much of the science of the book was beyond me, but the predictions of the Code are amazing.

The Bible Code is now a hot item on the Internet, and the terminals are buzzing with varying opinions of the Code. Most who have studied the Code say it proves the existence of an all-super intelligence or God (or maybe aliens?).

But all agree that the Code is a puzzle with thousands of pieces and we only have just a few pieces right now. I guess each person who reads this book can decide for themselves what they believe about the book. As a Christian I have to be careful not to become so attracted to the Bible Code that I forget about my daily walk with Jesus Christ.