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Letters to the Editor, #51

how can i even be reading this?

Letters to the Editor, Issue #51

Subject: Threshold Praha

Think readers nostalgic for the glory days of Threshold Praha might want to check out our old website, mysteriously preserved by EIN: It's a thing of beauty, I'm sure you'll agree... All the best,

- Sam Beckwith This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We would like to inform you that, due to the introduction of the EURO, from February 2nd 2002 the Kamasutra position usually known as 69 will now be known as 35.28.

Best Regards - The Euro Changeover Board.


I just got back from Prague. While I was there I came across your magazine. My views and thoughts are very similar to the writers in your mag. It was my first time in the Czech Rep.

I can see the old communist shadow that still remains but yet the western hand of Capitalism is stretching far beyond most Czech citizens reach. I can't believe how slow the service was at the restaurants and how punctual the trams were. And I wasn't surprised that Czech Rep. had a big problem with heroin in the country since the fall of communism. I would like to read more of Think Magazine.

Can I read it on line or do I have to get it through the mail? I live here in San Francisco, Cali. I would love to distribute your magazine to the cafes and book stores. This magazine kicks ass! Sincerely,

- Thomas Hurray, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Think is bigger than God!

In a Google search, if you put in "think" you get about 40 million results. If you enter "god" you only get 25 million. Thinks are looking up... um, that was not supposed to be a pun.

- Todd Edelman

To I Prague

I'm writing to tell you about a project called "Write Now in Prague." In short the idea is that a group of young people from the local news paper on Mors in Denmark goes to Prague and meet with a group of young people here.

The Danish youngsters will describe the everyday life of the Czech youngsters and write other interesting stories about youth topics in Prague. The articles, fotos, etc. will be published in the local news paper and on a Danish webpage. The project will take place from Feb. 11 to 17.

Part of the project will be to study how (youth) journalism is practised in Prague, and that's the reason why I'm contacting Think. The Danish group would like to meet with and exchange experiences and points of view with people in Prague involved in journalism, and they hope that Think might would be interested in taking part in this part of the project.

I work as a volunteer at InterKultura in Prague, and I'm the organizer of the project. We'd like to invite you and those interested to come and visit the project.

Best regards, -Mads Rasmussen Mariegaard, InterKultura IKCM / ICYC Praha, PalSce YMCA, mistnost 207, Na Porici 12 Praha 1, tel: +42 02/24872550


... since Think Readers are the majority of our 'journalists' (many who actually do work in the field), this is an open call for you all to be involved in this project by contacting Mads at the above address!