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Letters to the Editor, #50

how can i even be reading this?

Letters to the Editor, Issue #50


SUBJECT: letter to the editor by Reginald Wright:

'US Disaster' from issue no. 49. Reading Reginald's letter, we do only have one comment to make: Dear Reginald, Go the f*ck home to your stupid country!!

- Regards, Marc & Przemek < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. '; document.write(''); document.write(addy_text90597); document.write('<\/a>'); //-->\n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >

This mag kicks ass!

I just got back from Prague. While I was there I came across your magazine. My views and thoughts are very similar to the writers in your mag. It was my first time in the Czech Rep. I can see the old communist shadow that still remains but yet the western hand of Capitalism is stretching far beyond most Czech citizens reach. I can't believe how slow the service was at the restaurants and how punctual the trams were.

And I wasn't surprised that Czech Rep. had a big problem with heroin in the country since the fall of communism. I would like to read more of Think Magazine. Can I read it on line or do I have to get it through the mail? I live here in San Francisco, Cali. I would love to distribute your magazine to the cafes and bookstores. This magazine kicks ass!

- Sincerely, Thomas Hurray This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yep, can now read Think on-line at, and the satellite sister sites... where you'll find almost all of what we've published and more archives being uploaded daily.

Hi everyone,

I am reading the new issue. I am starting to think that the main reason that people complain about Think is cause you are to the left of the majority of expats in Prague. So they piss about some QC problems (um... see below) and continue cashing in on corporate welfare, teaching legal crooks, increasing cigarette butt pollution and whatnot (I work for corporations, too).

Or that including photos of people drunkenly dancing along with articles by Romany is somehow contradictory or hypocritical when it really is just a mish-mosh, and gets the dancers to read about Roma and the activists to think about dancing.

The comment on the PBB about how it would be bad if Think replaced all the literature at Globe is especially annoying but some people never learned their manners. I can't say I approve of everything Think does but I will get over it before I die so you will not be called as witnesses at my hearing in Purgatory or Limbo or pagan equivalents.


Publishing a mag is a b*tch and I think people don't realise this. So keep on keeping on and hope you don't offend your advertisers. And speaking of magnetic fields, the best sex I ever had was with a woman who crashed computers and broke watches just by being near them.

- Love, Todd Edelman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I was having a Prague-nostalgia moment and I looked up the Prague Post online. It was, as ever, a bit rubbish. So looked up your magazine to see if it was still in existence (not that I doubted you) Think looks amazing! It seems you guys are doing really well. Argh, I miss Prague, but now I'm just one of those sorry-ass souls who just passed through, I'm afraid.

I wonder if you guys know what ever happened with Ethel and Matthew? Eve and Little Jess and I have kept in touch, but Ethel eludes me. Probably you don't remember any of us.

Hope you are well, and I hope to see you and Prague again sometime-though now it certainly seems unlikely. Till then I suppose I'll just have to visit the Lavka website to get my jollies. Take Care.

- Love, Jess, formerly blond, formerly of O'Che's This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The American Indians did not win the battle over their territory. They succumbed to a greater military power. The Chinese were faced with a similar invasion by the Europeans with advanced technological weaponry when the British showed up on their door step over 100 years ago. They won that one. England is returning the stolen property and going home. China gave a little and gained a lot. Wise rulers negotiated with an eye to the future.

I am an American living in Xian, China. Yesterday I visited the museum of ancient cyroglifics here. One is struck by the wisdom inscribed on the thousands of message tablets. Commemorations of a great engineering job, a new bridge, numerous public service successes. Teachers, philosophers, and doctors honoured; as well as poetry, art, and quotes of wisdom.

Then you wonder what it is we westerners have to teach these Communists. Our modern day heroes are greedy business moguls, plastic models, hollow actors and actresses, push button warriors.

China is teaching me a lot. The power of governmental direction, we call it totalitarianism. In the west our "free" countries are being controlled by consumerism (capitalism) and the result there worries me. I see corporations and individuals gobbling up the earth's resources at an alarming pace with no end in sight except environment devastation. Sometimes I wonder what freedom really means.

Here in China you are not free to have more that one child. A terrible law for the individual but one considerate of the environment and society. Here you are not allowed to bear arms, but the streets are peaceful. No drive-by shootings. Many things are controlled but things are also changing. A new law has liberated trade. Anyone can deal now. That's what has brought me here, the exciting new business climate.

After three weeks it's hard to see what the "Red Scare" is all about. We are going to build a trillion-dollar missile defence system to protect ourselves from these gentlepeople? Something is rotten in Denmark. The military industrial complex needs you to fear someone somewhere or they are out of business. I think they better make up some stories about warring aliens because the word is going to get out. China is opening up.

Nobody will hurt you here. It is not Chicago after all.

Sure there still are plenty of injustices but not the picture painted by American propaganda. Someone in the U. S. senate said giving China the 2008 Olympic games was like awarding Hitler them in 1931. What blind blabber. China compared to Nazi Germany! These games are to be called the Green Olympics to be powered up to 80% by solar energy. Billions of government dollars have been directed to the development of west China, 50% of which must involve solar energy.

One has to ask, "What is freedom". Americans are free to dress as they like but when you see them in a foreign country, they all look the same, dressed in the latest trend. Americans are free to rape or kill, and with enough money for the right lawyer, go free. In China you can be executed for embezzling money. Crime against the people. It does seem a crime to me for one man to hold enough money to stop world poverty but do nothing to help while millions die of starvation. What is freedom?

China has many problems and injustices still but she is growing. In the race for world domination the rabbit, U.S.A. is ahead for now, but China has it's past and the turtle is moving forward. I was surprised when I heard a young Chinese student on national television quote John F. Kennedy, "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can to for your country." They are interested in our history. This does not seem isolationist to me. I think we have a lot to learn from China.

- Steve