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Letters to the Editor, #45

letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor, Issue #45


Dear thinkateers:

Bored, depressed or crazy? OUR letters section has been in a funk of late, with a disturbing lack of wit, bile or sapphic love. And it's your fault. please continue sending foul and ill-conceived rants to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. '; document.write(''); document.write(addy_text44707); document.write('<\/a>'); //-->\n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . diky moc.

Back from the Revolution in Quebec City

Salut, mes amis.

I'm not an expert in international economics, so I don't know if there's any truth to the claims that free trade is bad for the oppressed minorities in Third World countries. What I do know is that protests like the one in April in Quebec City are a great way to meet and pick up chicks.

There are so many hippie chicks and trust fund babies with a social conscience at these protests, just ready to hook up, and having a mullet like I do certainly brought in some stares.

A lot of these chicks want to talk revolution and oppressed masses and smashing capitalism and big corporations, but I found out during the protests in DC that if you can quote some Marx to them, or say you're saving up to visit Cuba, or even better North Korea, then these girls will spread pink for you in a heartbeat.

(A friend of mine likes to wear a beret like that Che Guerrero guy who helped Castro in Cuba, but a beret doesn't look good with a mullet.) A weird thing is that these chicks talk about being against big corporations that are polluting the world and cheating the underclass around the world but they constantly smoke cigarettes made by big global corporations.

The companies they do boycott seem to be the ones who make soap and razors because some of these girls smell rank and don't ever seem to wash.

So on Saturday of the big Quebec protests, there was what was called a 'political rave' in a warehouse. It was such a cool site with the peeps coming in smelling of tear gas, talking about what they smashed up that day, the cops they hit and the sh*t they threw at them.

This was supposed to be a drug-free event, which pissed me off, but I had no trouble scoring some X during the night and smoking a blunt with some special K sprinkled in with the weed. I was flying, scoping the hippie chicks, wanting to know what was beneath those long peasant dresses they wore, or their hemp shirts and pants.


There was a guy flashing pictures up on a wall and I asked if he had one of Lennon. He said sure and flashes this bald guy with a pointy beard. That ain't Lennon, I tell him. Sure is, he says back. I told him John Lennon, and this jerk starts calling Lennon a socialist sellout and a fake.

I wanted to deck the guy but caught the eye of a cute hippie chick and went to dance with her instead. Later we banged out in her Jaguar convertible under the stars. It was a great time and I recommend that if these anti-free trade, anti-WTO protests come to your town to enjoy what they have to offer.

Workers of the world, unite.

- Jeepster, < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >


... you sad pathetic lying f*ck of a man. There is NO WAY you scored any play in Quebec with a mullet and your bad attitude. In fact, you probably weren't even THERE. And I'm sure you even know that people in the Third World aren't "minorities" at all, but are just taking a pish at our little letters page expense. Did you know that Marx was supported in part by interest on Engels' trust fund? Contradictions abound, but you ain't never got laid in no Jaguar. And Lenin got the funk, too.

Dear Think,

How are you? This is Martin from Technical Support, now TSP records. Was that article (April #44) really from Mr Mcveigh? Interesting he talks about that when we've really not heard a peep out of him about that "other matter" even when he has the world's media at his feet. The BBC told me he is some kind of fascist but he doesn't sound much like one. Take Care,

- Martin, <tsp records, Skolska 26, Praha 1, 0602 212100>


... yes that was really by Tim McVeigh, and no, the crazy b*stard doesn't sound like a fascist. Who knows what he is. Anyway, please know that just because we published his essay doesn't mean we in any way endorse what he did. We advocate evolution, not revolution, and not bombing little kids.

Dear Think:

In response to Alexander Zaitchik's piece on Czech racists ("Czech Neo-Fascism Today"), I am wondering what the American Jew expats here think about the Nazis. Are they fighting them?

Were any of those militants American Jews who were outside the Czech Nazi party meeting? I would have gone if I had been told about it! What are the demographics of this group? Are some actively working against Nazis, are others only mildly tsk-tsking the way the Roma are treated here, while they work for conservative multinationals?

Do they think about who may lived in their apartments only until 1938 or so? When they are woken up by the door buzzer early in the morning, or late at night, do they think, as I occasionally do, that about 60 years ago this meant something worse for Jews, Roma, communists and anarchists than a little water leak into the downstairs neighbor's apartment?

I have met young Jews who are still in general afraid of going to Germany, but more because of a general feeling than fear of specific Nazi groups. While there are some public Jews in Prague, I have been told that Jews aren't generally out here. That is, most don't make themselves obvious here by wearing yarmakules, mogen-davids and the like.

Without these identifiers Jews don't generally stand out, especially in a place like Prague where there are lots of different kinds of white people. I have only met one Czech Jewish man, that is, who I knew to be one, by accident.

I was told by some Czech friends that a woman who was meeting us at a restaurant was Jewish, but was later told, just in time, that I not could say I knew, as she did not like to be identified as such.

I don't go around saying "Jsem Zid" out of context, and it is not my main identity, but I have the luxury of anonymity.

Romas and other people of color - not to mention many Bulgarians, Romanians, Ukrainians, Russians (all of whom may be obvious because of their accent), anarchists and maybe even women - don't have that benefit.

Perhaps Jews, whether or not they are religious, and other folks I'll call "stealth minorities" should out themselves to show solidarity with those that cannot hide. This means you tourists, too. One final question: What would happen if Nazis started targeting American Jewish tourists, expats or Israeli Jews?

- Todd Edelman, Prague 3


... an expat organization that kept up with anti-fascist demos is a good idea. And you're right about benefiting from anonymity, although some thugs would enjoy taking out ANY American, Jewish or not.