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Letters to the Editor, #31

milking the bull

Readers Write!


To: [email protected] cz

Wow, you guys really suck!

- Joyce Eshleman

Dear Think,

Your readers may be interested to hear that the mayor of Chatham, Ontario who organized the mass killing of crows (as described in last month's Think) has been arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon. This reinforces the pattern seen time and time again, that people who are violent towards animals are very often violent towards humans.

- Yours sincerely, Dr. Paul Kail, Animal Consciousness Foundation


TAMIZDAT Revolutions Per Minute is an on-line non-profit record shop and distribution cooperative for new music from Eastern and Central Europe. TAMIZDAT RPM has collected the best electronic, experimental, hard-core, jazz, avant-garde, world, ethnic and historic music from the former "Eastern Bloc". With hundreds of sound clips, historical information, and artwork, TAMIZDAT RPM is the only dedicated comprehensive catalogue of this hard-to-find music.


Take a minute and check out a whole world of new music, from the Danube to the Dnieper, from Berlin to Budapest; from the well known to the unsung, from the accessible to the nearly unlistenable; from the hard-to-find to the absolutely impossible to find; from archival recordings of Transylvanian folk musicians to the newest digital hardcore from Belgrade... TAMIZDAT RPM is the source.


TAMIZDAT is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the free exchange of information and ideas between musicians, audiences, and members of the music industry. Tamizdat works to build international communities which support the music, arts education, and cultural cross-pollination within Eastern and Central Europe and between Eastern and Central Europe and the world.

Tamizdat has created an interlocking program of projects which provide the framework for bridging cultural and economic gaps which culturally isolate Eastern and Central Europe.

By fighting stereotypes and by encouraging education, inclusion, and networking, Tamizdat is committed to supporting the advancement of music and music education in Eastern and Central Europe, and to supporting the advancement of these artists' work throughout the rest of the world.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. '; document.write(''); document.write(addy_text23398); document.write('<\/a>'); //-->\n This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More fun with GTS Travel:

Gee, I can't believe you guys have had such a hassle at that travel agency you've been writing about! And their lawyers wrote to you and everything! Let me tell you what happened to me! I wasn't really interested in going anywhere, but I like to bother salespeople, it's just kind of how I am.

So I went in figuring I'd spend a few minutes asking about places I didn't really want to go. But the girl was so friendly and really open and nice, I had to confess that I wasn't really interested in traveling.

She said, "Oh, you're just looking?

We have a Special Offer for people who are just looking! Come with me!" Well, I might not have followed her to the ends of the earth, but I had no trouble following her to the back room, which was huge and dark, laid out with Persian carpets and poufs, thick with incense smoke and heavy with exotic scents.

No sooner had we entered, than she pushed me down onto a pile of thick soft pillows and whispered, "Are you sure you don't want to take a trip with me?"

The foremost points of her anatomy were squishing pleasantly against me. I said, "Er, where?" and she let out a throaty laugh.

"I lead," she whispered into my ear, "You follow." Wow. Quicker than I could think, she had all of my clothes off and was massaging parts of me I'd need an atlas to find again. Over the next six hours first she, then one by one, the rest of the sales staff took turns kneading, caressing... well, I don't need to go into detail, this is a family magazine.

But suffice to say, I've been back there since and I don't intend to stop! This is my kind of travel agency! And they've never even once asked to see my ISIC card! !

- Sincerely, Joe Shtupper Praha 13

To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hi my name is Miro and I was wondering where I can get a hold of Think mag. also back issues. please let me know.


I am living in Prague and would like to get a copy of your magazine. Where do you distribute? Thank you!

- Irene


Think was distributed to over 150 locations in Prague (and Singapore) each month, but they tended to go quickly! (they are free, after all.) But as we're no longer printing a pring edition, you can find all the great content at our various websites, just by exploring the links at the top of this site!

Great News Computer Lovers!

CompuSource / MacSource is moving to Belehradska 68, Prague 2! We will have more space for more service technicians, more customer service personnel and more stock! Our new space is a 2 story building that will be occupied solely by CompuSource... the CompuSource building!

It is easily accessible by car, metro (IP Pavlova) and tram (11 and 6) it's easier to get to than our present location! Watch our web pages <<www.compusource. cz>> for more information concerning telephone numbers and maps. We should be completely moved in one month.

If your company would be interested in taking over the space we occupy now, please contact us as soon as possible for further details.

- Sincerely, Anthony Hasek CompuSource/MacSource