The Original Think Magazine (Published since 1996)
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Keep Thinking...

We all watch American television...


think magazine on the newsrackAt present we don't get the 100 channels the average person sees in that country, but we do see the ritualisation of what it means to play, work, desire, seduce, and kill.

It all seems absurd, until the absurdity of our everyday life matches the fevered pitch of that lonely superpower. If anything the culture they offer is a victim of it's own obsession with things that are new and improved.

It's a pity to see superman, off in the corner waving at us desperately, trying to get our attention, leaping tall buildings and making the world safe for ordinary folks like you and me, when we are busy trying each spice girl and guy out for the complex job of satisfying our imaginations.

And yet we are hurtling in that very direction, if not in our own unique way. We asked our contributors to write, shoot, and comment about their interests. The first THINK was the result of these collaborations. These are but the first steps of a journey that we are glad that you have taken a chance to join us, you have raised the stakes.


Our interests are wide, the voices diverse, and our thinking nonlinear. Just because you have style, doesn't mean that you can't be serious. Just because you have fun, doesn't mean that you don't care. Life in the Czech Republic is faster than almost anywhere else in the world.

The change is inside, constantly measuring ourselves against new ideas and information, and outside, the customs and technology of people we've never seen before, both excites and asks us hard new questions.

THINK is a crossing of these currents, and will continue to grow with its readers, in these strange days we live in. More than that, we believe that our lives are far more interesting and richer than those portrayed on television, by other so-called stars.