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The New York Review of Books

One of the virtues of the NYRB is its heady and high flown mixture of politics, criticism and whatever else people tend to talk about at faculty cocktail parties...

The New York Review of BooksAlthough the politics-and Leftism-of the 1960s has tapered off, economic and political questions of import are still addressed.

So along with a yet another book on yet another aspect of the relationship between Heidegger and Arendt, and beside Amos Elon's review of Edward Said's memoirs, Nobel Prize winning physicist and arms control expert Hans A. Bethe explains why the argument used by GOP Senators against the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty last month is bullocks.


According to Bethe, it would not be possible for states to test even very low yield bombs without being detected by modern monitoring equipment. Nor does the US need to test to maintain the credibility of its arsenal. He also correctly notes that the rejection of the Treaty effectively marks the end of American leadership in global arms control.

GOP Neanderthals now want to scrap START and break the ABM Treaty with Russia, triggering what would most likely be an arms race to end all arms races. So vote Democrat and write your congressman.