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The Octopus Conspiracy ...and Other Vignettes of the Counterculture by Steven HagerThe Octopus Conspiracy ...and Other Vignettes of t...

This book, based on articles published in High Times magazine, covers many different aspects of what [ ... ]

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Drinking, Smoking & Screwing: Great Writers on Good TimesDrinking, Smoking & Screwing: Great Writers on Goo...

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Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence and Survival? A Scientific Detective Story.Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertilit...

My introduction to Our Stolen Future came about ten years ago at a sustainable packing conference wh [ ... ]

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We Are Not Ducks On A Pond But Ships At SeaWe Are Not Ducks On A Pond But Ships At Sea

This compilation endeavors to introduce Budapest’s independent art scene of the past 20 years and  [ ... ]

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Cooking for Expats by Paula Humphreys

The Recipe calls for what?

'Cooking for Expats' by Paula Humphreys There's nothing more useless to those who fancy themselves a whiz in the kitchen than a recipe book from England or the US.

Is that cups or grammes they ask for, and just where in the heck are you gonna find THAT ingredient? Those of you who have tried, know what I'm talking about... but worry no more, as Paula Humphreys has put together a pragmatic book titled Cooking For Expats.

Billed as the first and only western-style cookbook to be produced on the peninsula by a western chef, with recipes that expats and locals can dabble with, the simple step-by-step instructions and thousands of photos, make it ideal for beginning cooks as well as old pros.

All these recipes have been kitchen tested here in Singapore, and you won't find any alien requests that make most imported cookbooks nearly useless.

On top of that, Paula, a native of New Zealand, taught cooking here for over five years, meaning that these instructions are simple and easy to follow. So if you want to know how to make mushroom soup without the can or fluffy Sunday morning pancakes, this is one reference you must have.

Available from Flame of the Forest Publishing at and at selected Cold Storages around town, as well as Tango Mango in Tanglin Mall and other locations.

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