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Tomorrow's God - Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge by Neal Donald Walsch

The time is at hand for a new spirituality. Our world is in dire need of a new understanding of God, as the present teachings from our organised religions have not served us well at all...

'Tomorrow's God - Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge' by Neal Donald WalschJust look at the chaos caused and the heinous killings done in the name of God and religion. We need to challenge our most sacred beliefs by expanding on what our ancient scriptures have been telling us about God and life. Humanity is about to create a new form of spirituality.

This new spirituality will allow humans to express their natural inclinations toward the divine without making one another wrong for the way in which they are doing it, and certainly without killing one another because of it. When this wake up call is finally being embraced by humanity, it will change everything and that is exactly what is needed right now. We simply need to each do our part to rally our communities to create critical mass on our planet. The book Tomorrow's God calls this action plan the "evolution revolution".

Neale Donald Walsh, the author of the best selling Conversations with God series pens another "dialogue" with our creator on the topic of how our current comprehension of deity is annihilating civilisation as we know it.

The world's problems are spiritual in nature as expressed through our misguided and misunderstood teachings of our organised religions. Walsh clearly shows how the dogmatic aspects of those old religious beliefs have lead us close to the brink of our own self-destruction.

Walsh illustrates candidly that, "very little here cannot be found cumulatively in the sacred writings of all the world's wisdom traditions." He objects to yesterday's God made in the image of humanity that has justified wars, violence and exclusivity.

The alternative he proposes is an ongoing process of self-awareness rather than a blind belief in a super being that demands allegiance. The author also touches on the great questions and mysteries of life that haunt humanity, citing examples from institutions such as marriage, politics, religion, economics, education, society, etc.


Whether you choose to believe that all that is said in this book comes directly from a divine source is unimportant. Even a skeptic will find this book difficult to put down. The reader will be swept up in a profound dialogue and be touched at the very core of his soul. The central tenet of this rivetting book is, "the purpose of life is to re-create yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about who you are. "

The Conversations with God series have truly liberated me. I strongly recommend it to those who seek answers and who are truly ready to be enlightened. This latest book from the series will provoke your thoughts and stimulate your mind. It is both psychologically and spiritually revolutionary. The time is now for a new God. This could just be the most powerful book you will ever read. It might just save humanity, literally.