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On The Edge: Living With Global Capitalism Edited by Will Hutton and Anthony Giddens

Vintage UK has just published a very smart collection of essays on the global economy co-edited by Tony Blair's celebrity court philosopher Anthony Giddens...

on the edge Living With Global CapitalismDespite Giddens's association with ruling Labor, the spectrum of debate is open enough in Britain so that he can confidently appear in the same volume as the radical activist and scientist Vandana Shiva.

And the range of views in this volume is impressively - borderline chaotically - wide. It begins with a meandering but learned discussion between the editors on recent changes in the global economy, touching on everything from the relevance of Marx to the future of the German welfare state.

What follows is a dizzying flurry of fact and interpretation by leading figures in the globalization debate: Manuel Castelles on the new relationship between technology and finance; Paul Volker on how and why the neoliberal model should be saved; Jeff Faux on the new inequality why the neoliberal model should not be saved; Vandana Shiva on corporate plans to colonize the world and control the world's water supply; Robert Kuttner on the evolving and future role of governments.


There are twelve essays in total, mostly by economists, but also including scientists and sociologists. For those left hungry by surface newspaper treatments of the globalization debate, this is a rich trove at which to feed.